T. Michael Martin

I write YA thrillers, including THE END GAMES (''Brilliant, fun, blisteringly intelligent fiction. I can't recommend this one highly enough.'' - John Green), and make HOW TO ADULT and vlogs.


This week, I’m doing a huge END GAMES giveaway. If you buy the book by Tuesday, May 14th, at 11:59 PM EST (U.S.) and email me your receipt, here are the possible prizes:

- 3 people will have a character named after them in my next book

- 5 people will win a signed, first edition copy of every book I write for the rest of my life

- 7 people will win autographed, handwritten first draft pages from the END GAMES manuscript

Thank you so much for your support, y’all.  I can’t begin to tell ya how much it means.  

(Info is in the video above; direct link @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUSAv9UyLC4 )

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    I am both happy for Mike and saddened that I did not know this was a thing. Lol
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    The contest is long since over, but I’m reblogging because wow how much it meant to me that John liked my book so much....
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