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I write YA thrillers, including THE END GAMES (''Brilliant, fun, blisteringly intelligent fiction. I can't recommend this one highly enough.'' - John Green), and make HOW TO ADULT and vlogs.




In which Emily Graslie, the brilliant and wonderful host of The Brain Scoop, fills you in on how to land your dream job!

There are no magical formulas for landing your dream job, and it’s very possible in another universe I would have never stumbled into the Museum in Montana and instead I would have married my college boyfriend and been a struggling landscape artist and would have been okay with my life. But I knew at some point in all of it that the life I was envisioning for myself wasn’t what I wanted, and thus started a desperate search for the job of my dreams. 

3 years later I’m typing this from my chemistry lab-turned office at The Field Museum, surrounded by enough love and support and discovery to fill several lifetimes - and if there’s one thing I advocate for it’s taking your own destiny by the horns and leading it to where you want to go, so you can feel the same way I do. 

I hope you find this video useful, too. I’m really glad Mike and Emma asked me to write this script and let me host on their channel - I’m a big fan of the work they do and have a ton of respect for both of them as brilliant, well-adjusted adults, and I hope I can be as cool as they are when I grow up. 

There Emily goes again, writing beautiful things that leave me teary-eyed.

(Also: She is already way cooler than I. Just sayin.)


In which Emily Graslie, the brilliant and wonderful host of The Brain Scoop, fills you in on how to land your dream job!

Emily did such a great job guest hosting.

#Indianapolis’s Bacon Station Post Office: The only government building Ron Swanson ever loved.

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We need more voices in science
to step up in defiance for those characters
that get erased from our stories; accolades and glories granted to counterparts
as though we didn’t have the smarts to achieve
the impossible, believe in the improbable
and create the unthinkable.

Asker prionailurus Asks:
RE: Chin Watch 2014 - Sorry if you've answered this and I just missed it. Is this a noble effort (on your own behalf, that of a beard-lover, or otherwise), a science project (just to see what happens), or something else entirely (in case I'm missing something/didn't have enough parenthetical text already)?
tmichaelmartin tmichaelmartin Said:

Basically, I usually shave every 2 days, and I wanted to see what would happen if I did not  shave for a week.

However, I then realized I could totally use my goateed self to comic/dramatic effect in an upcoming HOW TO ADULT video.

…and that’s all I’m going to say for now. ;]

#lifehack of the day.

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#tbt to VidCon 2013, when I (nervously) met Shay Carl. (He was as sweet as you would think and hope.)

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I (Mike) am scripting my next video and was wondering if y’all would let me know which you’d rather see:

  1. "Does Adulthood Have to Suck?"
  2. A video about dealing/thriving with depression.

What say you?

P.S.: Sorry for the repost but I forgot to make it possible for y’all to answer this post. Thus, this sentence will end with a question mark?

#Heisenberg for a day.

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